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The League

The Megalodons

Owner: Brian Brodsky

The Great One

Owner: Chris White

SC Honkers

Owner: Brian Gaerke

Popeyes Saylor Men

Owner: Mike Saylor

Finkle is Einhorn

Owner: Dan Krieg

Carpe Victoria

Owner: Ben Sullivan

Macho Man Fred Savage

Owner: Jason Cepielik

Turn Your Head and Coughlin

Owner: Clay Jones

Scranton Stranglers

Owner: Gilbert Hill

The Carnage

Owner: Justin Johnson

Un Jour en France

Owner: Axel Tricaud

Brown and Scrubs

Owner: Chase Jones

Our Constitution

Best Interest Clause

Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise for which a remedy is not stated in the Constitution... the Commissioner (Brian Brodsky) reserves the right to take whatever actions he deems necessary in the best interest of the league. They may consult with some or all other owners and/or possibly take a vote, but this is not required.

Power Rankings: Midseason

#12 Carnage: Justin's Team: 1 - 6

Justin recently took over this train wreck. Maybe some competent ownership can allow Hopkins to shine like he should #freeHopkins

#11 Carpe Victoria: Ben's Team: 2 - 5

It looked good at the start for Carpe, but they have recently been riding a train to stinky town. Not sure how I feel about the rostering 3 QBs strat...but to each his own.

#10 France: Axels's Team: 3 - 4

Wow how the mighty have fallen. Looking over this roster...I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Team is just filled with either old and raggedy or just dissapoitment. If Axel didn't luck into having Mahomes and Conner...this team would probably be the worst.

#9 Stranglers: Gil's Team: 3 - 4

In what previous life did Gil anger the fantasy gods? For two consectutive years, Gil left the draft the unanimous favorite to run away with the league, only to fast track to suckytown. You need to pray/meditate/or sacrifice a goat or something for forgiveness sir...this is hard to watch.

#8 Great One: Chris's Team: 2 - 5

Team was really hampered with injuries with both Fournette and Mixon missing time early in the season. That being said, I would not be surprised if this team is able to make a playoff push during the second half of the season. This man has both Kittle and Kelce...that is needing to change your pants material right there.

#7 Turn Your Head and Coughlin: Clay's Team: 3 - 4

Turn your head and Collude has been another dissapointment this year. The Cook and Freeman injuries have been tough, but Kamara alone should have you 5 victories at this point. I still like this team when healthy, and there is still a little more time for some collusion out of this team, so we will see what happens.

#6 Macho Man: Jason's Team: 3 - 4

The fact that Jason turned this crap show into something competitive is admirable, but lets be honest...he has probably over kicked his coverage (in multiple ways I imagine). Another fact is that Macho Man is about to go to 3 - 5, so making the playoffs will be an unhill battle. Hard to imagine the Savage not being there...we will pour one out for you though...

#5 Finkle: Dan's Team: 4 - 3

If the season ended today, Dan might would win the Owner of the Year award (award really doesn't exist, so don't get your hopes up). With shrewd pickups of Lindsay, Yeldon, and Murray, Dan has been piling up the points. Team is well rounded and one I would not look forward to facing in the playoffs.

#4 Honkers: Brian G's Team: 5 - 2

I am starting to think Brian G is the fantasy football terminator sent from the future to eliminate all this man does is quietly march forward dominating weaklings. His team is just filled with underated fatasy hottness...Cohen, Sanders, is just to much to handle.

#3 Brown and Scrubs: Chases's Team: 6 - 1

To be honest, I seriously questioned the trade for Hill in the preseason, but wow, that has worked out nicely. The tandem of Hill and Brown at WR has made it not even matter that the godaweful disgrace to fantasy football Amari Cooper is on this team. A little thin at RB though...lets hope AP can keep it going.

#2 Popeye's: Mike's Team: 6 - 1

Just stop and think for a moment...Mike has both Thielen and White on his team...very well two of the biggest surprises of the season. I am convinced that Mike smoked some type of devil herb and took a spirt journey with a tribal witch-docotor before the season. What other reasonable explanation could there be? Either way, the Popeyes are dangerous.

#1 Megalodons: Brian B's Team: 4 - 3

Basically 5 - 3 though. I wanted to be humble and place this team lower on the list, but I just couldn't ignore objective reality. Now that Watson is back to his touchdown every 4 passes can this team be stopped? This team even has the leg that walked around with a guy named Greg attached to is just too much. Vegas has this team as overwhelming favorites to take home the ship this year!

Franchise Values

The Franchise Value of each team in the league is calculated as follows:

$100 for every regular season win in the Franchise's history.

$1 for every point scored in the regular season of the Franchise's history.

$100 for each playoff appearence in the Franchise's history.

$500 for each runner-up finish in the Franchise's history.

$1000 for each championship in the Franchise's history.

The Memories: 2017

The Champ

The Memories: 2016

The Champ

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