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The League

The Frencheese

Owner: Axel Tricaud

I'm Getting a Chubb

Owner: Clay Jones

The Americans

Owner: Justin Johson

The 55's

Owner: Brian Brodsky

Fear the Juice

Owner: Mike Saylor

This Means War

Owner: Dan Krieg

Bill B. Puppet Master

Owner: Jason Cepielik


Owner: Gary Gravlin

No Country for Old Players

Owner: Chris White

Jonesin' for Some Tds

Owner: Chris Greenwood

Our Constitution

Best Interest Clause

Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise for which a remedy is not stated in the Constitution... the Commissioners (Axel and Clay) reserves the right to take whatever actions he deems necessary in the best interest of the league. They may consult with some or all other owners and/or possibly take a vote, but this is not required.

Power Rankings: August Edition

#10 Puppet Master: Jason's Team

Jason's team seems like it should be good since he hijacked the draft until he was able to Jedi-Mind trick people into giving him free stuff. However, there might be karma coming for this team...Bell had somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 touches last he will probably be the first to fall.

#9 This Means War: Dan's Team

This team's name should be Gurley, Elliot, and a bunch of scrubs because that is what we have here. One or two injuries and this team is a bottom feeder.

#8 Bye Week: Chris's Team

This team is having to start Joe Flacco...that is when you know you messed up. In fact, when you are forced to start Joe Flacco, you should be questioning everything in your life.

#7 Fear The Juice: Mike's Team

Wow this team is Old and Busted. I get the win now thing in Dynasty, but just because someone has their AARP card doesn't mean they have to be on your team.

#6 Gurley Gates: Shane's Team

I am not a believer in Ajayi...or Collins...or Woods. That Jaguars DST is hott fire though! And if we ever turn into a start 4 TE league, you are ready!

#5 Americans: Justin's Team

What is like the opposite of an orgasm? Because I think that is what looking at this roster is giving me right now. Josh Gordon...McCoy...Zay Jones...gross stuff. That Barkley / Beckham hype is strong though!

#4 Frencheese: Axel's Team

Axel's WR core is a thing of beauty, and I am higher on Jordan Howard this year than most. If he performs this year I might would try to move him though as I highly predict he will quickly go the route of Alfred Morris once that rookie deal is done.

#3 I Got a Thielen: Clay's Team

Watching Clay trade during the offseason is like watching those backyard redneck amaetur boxing/mma competitions...everyone is more confident than they should be, someone is getting knocked out, and overall it is really just sad. However, if you throw enough haymakers you might just land on some awsome Hunt/Cook action.

#2 Team Galvin: Gary's Team

I am really only putting Gary's team here because I am afraid of him. I tried to get Ito Smith from him one time and I honest to goodness thought he was going to come to my house and cut me. Gary, you just keep Ito Smith...I am sorry to have insulted your honor. Can I give you something like Chris Ivory as repentance?

#1 The 55's: Brian's Team

After a long exhaustive look at the data, there was no other conclusion that could be made other than the 55's going to the top of this list. Jared Goff is a difference maker at the postion, Mike Evans is a top 5 pick in Dynasty, and Guice is like Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders had a beautiful gay love-child.

Franchise Values

The Franchise Value of each team in the league is calculated as follows:

$100 for every regular season win and Aniston point in the Franchise's history.

$1 for every point scored in the regular season of the Franchise's history.

$100 for each playoff appearence in the Franchise's history.

$500 for each runner-up finish in the Franchise's history.

$1000 for each championship in the Franchise's history.

The Memories: 2018

Final Standings

Rank: Team, Wins - Loses, Total Points Scored

The Memories: 2019

Final Standings

Rank: Team, Wins - Loses, Total Points Scored

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