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Week 1: Singles Match

Week 2: Singles Match

Week 3: Singles Match

Week 4: Royal Rumble

Week 5: Singles Match

Week 6: WWE vs WCW

Week 7: Singles Match

Week 8: Tag Team Championship

Week 9: Singles Match

Week 10: Hardcore Match

Week 11: Hell in a Cell

Week 12: Singles Match

Week 13: Wrestlemania

Match Descriptions

Singles Match: In this default match type, each team will gain one victory point by winning their weekly H2H and an additional victory point by finishing as one of the top 6 scoring teams of the week.

Royal Rumble: Each team gains one victory point for winning their weekly H2H, while the highest scoring team of the week wins the Royal Rumble, and is awarded an extra 3 victory points.

WWE vs WCW: As the divisions square off, each team gains a victory point for winning their weekly H2H and every team in the division with the highest combined scoring is awarded an additional victory point.

Tag Team Championship: Each team will pick a tag team partner (the other team is not required to pick a team that picked them). Each team will gain a victory point for winning their weekly H2H, and the team with the highest combined score with their tag team partner is the Tag Team Champion, and is awarded an additional 2 victory points.

Hardcore Match: Each team will pick a player on the opposing team that the owner is not allowed to use or trade that week (these selections must be made before 11:59 PM EST Tuesday). Victory points are then distributed in the same fashion as a Singles Match.

Hell in a Cell: Each team gains a victory point for winning their weekly H2H. An additional victory point is awarded if they beat their opponent by 20 or more points.

Wrestlemania: Victory points distributed in the same fashion as a Singles Match with an opportunity to gain an additional point competing against the previous year's league champion. Each team that outscores the previous year's champion will gain an additional victory point (in first year, this will be the league's leading scorer going into week 13). In the event that the previous year's champion is the top scorer of the week, then they will receive an additional victory point.



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